Julian Smith is re-adopted as Conservative Candidate for Skipton and Ripon

Julian Smith has been officially re-adopted as the Conservative Party candidate for Skipton and Ripon in next month’s General Election. Mr Smith was re-adopted at a packed meeting of the local Conservative Association on Friday 28 April in Blubberhouses.

Julian Smith said: ‘I am delighted to have been re-adopted as the Conservative candidate for Skipton and Ripon and I am grateful to Skipton and Ripon Conservatives.

‘It has been a pleasure to represent this amazing part of the country over the past seven years. I look forward to campaigning across Skipton and Ripon during this election campaign and I will be doing everything I can to ensure we have another five years with Theresa May as our Prime Minister.’

Bernard Bateman, Chairman of the Skipton and Ripon Conservatives Association: ‘Our constituency can be proud that we have had such an excellent and hardworking Member of Parliament for the past seven years. This feeling is echoed not only by our members but many people I meet from across the Skipton & Ripon area. I am privileged to be Chairman of the Conservative Association for this constituency and I look forward to great continued support from our communities for Julian.'