Skipton to Colne Railway

This is a proposal to reopen the line between Skipton and Colne, which is 12 mile railway that would link Burnley, Manchester and Colne with Skipton, Leeds and Bradford.

Julian was delighted with the Government's recent announcment of a feasibility study into the value of reopening the Skipton to Colne railway.

He paid tribute to all the campaigners and looks forward to working with colleague, Andrew Stephenson in delivering the next stage of this railway line to the benefit of both constituencies.

Julian Smith has campaigned hard for this since he was elected and he regularly meets with SELRAP (the Skipton-East Lancashire Rail Action Partnership), which has been campaigning for the reopening of this stretch of railway, and the MPs for constituencies that are also affected. He attended a particularly productive meeting on 1 November in Parliament with this group of MPs to explore options for fast tracking the reopening.

Studies have previously suggested that Yorkshire and Lancashire would both benefit from the line reopening through sustainable economic growth, further investment in modern public transport in the North, and better connections between areas of economic disadvantage and opportunity.

Rebuilding just 12 miles of disused track would connect the Airedale line in West Yorkshire to East Lancashire’s Colne to Preston line, creating a direct route from Preston to Leeds. Every study done on reopening the line has indicated economic benefits, including modelling that suggests reopening the line would add £43.5 million in GDP and pay for itself in under three years.