MP meets with Upper Wharfedale Parishes

Julian Smith MP will meet with members of the Parish Councils and Meetings of Upper Wharfedale next week. The meeting will be an opportunity for representatives of these Parishes to raise with Mr Smith their concerns or issues they might have and to discuss specific funding and other help needed for the area. The parishes invited to the meeting are: Arncliffe, Buckden, Conistone-with-Kilnsey, Halton Gill, Hawkswick, Kettlewell-with-Starbotton, Litton and Threshfield.

Mr Smith is hosting the event on Thursday 10 November and encourages local residents to contact their Parish Council or Meeting if there are issues they want to be raised at the meeting. Contact details for Parishes can be found on the Craven District Council website: .

Julian Smith MP said: ‘I am always anxious to ensure that the views of local residents are being taken into account. From public transport to housing to the involvement of central government - I know that areas of Skipton and Ripon like Upper Wharfedale do have their particular challenges, often because they are so remote. It’s important that I am able to meet with members of these parishes and discuss their concerns with them.’