Julian Smith MP attends Art in the Churches Exhibition in Masham

Julian Smith MP last week attended the Art in the Churches ‘Sculpt’ installation at St Mary’s Church, Masham.  

Mr Smith saw the work ‘Neons from Heaven’ by Silvia Lerin, a large installation consisting of 100 large blue painted tubes, or ‘neons’ suspended from the ceiling. He also spoke to Scilla Kealey MBE, Operations Coordinator for the Art in the Churches project to hear about the project.   

The exhibition in Masham is one part of the larger 'Sculpt’ exhibition across the Yorkshire Dales, which consists of seven different, specially commissioned sculptures hosted across seven rural churches. Art in the Churches, who organised the exhibition, is a local voluntary group with the aims of bringing contemporary art to the countryside, providing commissions and exhibition space for inspirational artists and addressing the under-utilisation of churches.  

The exhibition will remain open until Saturday 21st September 2019.   

Julian Smith said, ‘It was good to visit Art in the Churches and see the exhibition in Masham. Thanks to Scilla for taking the time to show me the exhibition.’