Growth Deal funding means more jobs and security for Skipton and Ripon

Julian has welcomed the announcement of additional funding to support businesses and infrastructure across the constituency.

Both the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership have been allocated additional money by the Government for investment in the area. The Leeds City Region has an additional £54.6 million while North Yorkshire has an additional £12.1 million.

It brings the total allocation of Growth Deal funding to £627.5 million for the Leeds City Region and £122.2 million for the North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Growth Deals bring together government funding for investment in infrastructure, housing, and other projects and put it in a single pot, which is placed in the hands of local authorities and businesses to invest – because they are best placed to know how to deliver local jobs and growth.

Julian said:

“This investment in the two Local Enterprise Partnerships which cover the Skipton and Ripon constituency is great news for residents and businesses.

“Decisions on how the money is spent will be made by local people who are best places to ensure it makes a real difference and bring growth and prosperity to our area.”

Greg Clark MP, Business Minister, added:

“Our successful programme of City Deals and Growth Deals have put local people in the driving seat as the local economy powers ahead. This billion-pound expansion of Growth Deals fuels the momentum that is now underway in our local economies.”